Some Hymns in honour of the Holy Innocents,

From the Liturgical Year, Gueranger, Vol.2, pg. 444. “Prudentius, the Poet of the Mysteries and the Martyrs, from whom the Church has taken her beautiful stanzas for the Feast of the Holy Innocents, Salvete, Flores Martyrum, celebrates the immolation of these lovely Babes of Bethlehem in his exquisite Hymn for the Epiphany. It is to this Hymn that the Roman Liturgy has had recourse for several great Feasts; and we now extract from it the strophes which refer to our dear Innocents.”

We have typeset the stanzas from Gueranger to the melody found in the Liber Usualis for the Salvete, Flores Martyrum.

Audit Tyrannus Anxius, Gueranger, Rom

The Augsberg Antiphonal has a version of this Hymn, set to an unusual melody.  Please note, For ease of use, we have written the latin text without the abbreviations found in the manuscript.  In the second version below we have set the Hymn in the modern style with elisions.

Salvete Flores Martyrum, Augsberg

Salvete Flores Martyrum, Augsberg Modified