The following hymns have been found in the Analecta Hymnica,

Georgii militia, Matins Hymn from the Analecta Hymnica Vol.43 Hymn. ms. S. Petri Mart. Utinen. saec. 16. Cod. Civit. Utinen.

Salve festa Dies, Georgi, Processional Hymn for the Feast of St. George, from Analecta Hymnica Vol 43.  Process. ms. Londinense ann. 1413-1422. Cod. Oxonien. Lat. Lit. e 7. Abschrift von Rev. H. M. Bannister.

And the following Hymns from an unpublished work on Hymns

Ad festum tanti martyris,


Strenui athletae canimus triumphos.