Maunday Thursday

Congregational Propers Booklet


Hymn from the Ambrosian Vesperale

Hymnum Canamus

Tenebrae Lessons for evening, anticipated Matins and Lauds of Good Friday.  The following use the Common Tone

TenebraeGFLesson IV

TenebraeGFLessson V

TenebraeGFLesson VI

TenebraeDFLesson VII

TenebraeGFLesson VIII

TenebraeGFLessson IX

Lessons set in another of the three suggested Tones can be found here,

These lessons have been set thanks to the brilliant programme found here,

and the texts found here,


St. Patrick

A  Processional Hymn in honour of St. Patrick

From the Analecta Hymnica Vol. 43 pg. 266

De Sancto Patricio

Salve, festa dies, toto venerabilis aevo,
Qua fert Patricium Christus ad astra pium.

Sidus praeclarum lumen dat in aethere clarum,
Quod Deus amplificat, mundus eoque micat.

Sidus hos est Phoebus ipsis lucendo diebus
Clarus et eximius lumine Patricius.

Hic non credentem, quam duxit Hibernia, gentem
Conjunxit fidei per sacra verba Dei.

Hic est vir mirus, quo nescit Hibernia, virus;
Praedicat ille Deum, morsque fugit per eum

Hujus in ore, Deus, tua se miracula palant,
Exta furis balant, paenitet ille reus.

Nos prece felici jungas, pater alme Patriti,
Perpetuo soli, qui micat arce poli.

Process. ms. Dublinese saec. ? Cod. Oxonien.

Music in preparation…

Passion Sunday

One of the many manuscripts that are still available to us is the Salzinnes Antiphonal. Not only is this manuscript beautifully scanned but also has a menu tab that gives the text in easy to read modern fonts.

For Passion Sunday the following Hymns are found therein,

Vespers and Matins Hymn,  Hymnum dicamus domino laudes

Compline Hymn, Crux fidelis inter omnes

Terce Hymn,  Vexilla regis prodeunt fulget

N.B. The Lauds Hymn uses verse 5 onwards of the Hymnum dicamus domino laudes

Other Passiontide Hymns can be found here, Passiontide


St Gregory the Great

Our first Hymn is the famous hymn to St. Gregory Anglorum jam Apostolus, this is found in a number of books including Plainsong for Schools.  It is also found with different melodies in the Antiphonale Monasticum. This Hymn is usually split V. 1-5 & 9 are used for Vespers and Matins and V 6-9 for Lauds.

StGregory Anglorum jam

Another Hymn found in the Analecta Hymnica, we have not found the melody used for this Hymn so have used one of the melodies used for the above hymn.

StGregory Summae sedis